We offer a wide range of IT Services to companies large and small. With over 30 years’ combined IT experience in most industries. We work with Hospitality (Property Management Systems, Keylock Systems), Food & Beverage (Point of Sale, Digital Menu Boards), Manufacturing (ERP, CRM, CAD), Retail (Point of Sale, E-Commerce, PCI-DSS, Professional Services (Law Firm, Doctor / Dentist, HIPAA Compliance), Contact Centers (Inbound, Outbound, Auto-Dialer, ACD, Wallboad, Softphones), and we welcome registered 501-C-3 Not for Profits.

Our most successful clients take advantage of our Managed IT Service package, which is billed per seat, per month, and includes: Remote Monitor and Management with Advanced Endpoint Protection, Automatic Windows Updates and patches, scheduled at a convenient time for you, third party application patching, DNS protection and more. It also includes a pool of consulting hours, to be determined by the number of seats, number of servers, as well as network equipment. Consulting hours can be used for end user trouble tickets, monthly preventative maintenance, or projects of your designation.

For an additional fee per seat, we will provide you with access to a 24/7 staffed Tier 1 support desk.

We aim to customize the right package for each client. No services are mandatory. We will work with your needs and your budget, we will engage single-project clients on the basis of availability of resources.

We also offer a fully hosted and managed Cloud VoIP PBX. With unique licensing and partnerships with several of the top SIP providers in the country, we can slash your telecom posts. To learn more about the Cloud PBX, click here.

We offer a full suite of hosting and cloud services. We can host your website, email, DNS or your e-commerce platform. We offer a PRIVATE file sharing cloud service. Your own private Dropbox. Not shared with any other client. Access all your files from your laptop or desktop, your smartphone, tablet or any device with a web browser. Control folder security using groups. Share with your teams and your clients or suppliers. Hosted in an Amazon Web Services data center, your data is totally safe, and can be encrypted on the server side if you like. If you think this system will work for you, we will give you a 15-Day Trial, no obligation. To inquire about private cloud, Contact Us Today.

Our Managed Service Gateway is a unique device that enhances the remote monitoring and management process, allows us a secure way to connect to your network to troubleshoot issues, perform routine monthly maintenance and most importantly, allows us to immediately assist your users when they need immediate assistance. Other features include Intrusion Detection System, Firewall, Remote Access VPN, User Authentication, DNS, E-Mail, Captive Portal (Guest Internet), and more. This device will be provided to you at no charge upon the execution of a 2-year Managed IT Services contract. All services are subject to our Terms and Conditions, updated January 1, 2019.