Please note that there is a $30 fee to add additional probes to your monitoring. This is due to the licensing structure for our platform. If you are simply modifying a probe, there is no charge. The charge comes when you are adding an additional probe. In order to facilitate adding a probe, once this form is submitted, you will redirected to our Pay Invoice page. If you are NOT requesting a NEW probe, you can disregard this.

In the “Invoice Number” Field, please substitute ‘ADD RMM PROBE” and in the Amount field, enter $30.00 (for each probe being added). As soon as both this form and the payment are received, your new probe will be set up within 48 hours, or on the date specified in this form, whichever is sooner. You will receive an email confirmation when your new probe is active.

All services are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, revised January 1, 2019.

*Additional Monthly Fee Will Be Assessed For Additional Probes. *There is a $20 Activation Fee For Additional Probes
*Please allow 48 hours for all requests.
Required for New Probe Requests, Probe Modifications.. Not required if removing a probe.
Please give as much information as possible to avoid delays in processing this request